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 Products from Trane

We carry Trane's full line of air conditioning and heating products for homes and businesses. Trane products are tested at several stages of production to ensure that they meet or exceed the highest quality standards. Such quality control assures that your system will have the highest level of comfort at the lowest possible cost of operation.

Trane comfort systems serve our customers year in and year out—quietly, reliably, and worry-free. They are the perfect combination of innovative technology, strict testing, and the highest design standards. Every major component of an Trane piece of equipment is Trane-made, meeting the high standards that we at Residential Systems require for our customers.

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 Products from Carrier


Carrier offers several options in home heating; allowing you to choose the right furnace, heat pump, or other heating system product that is right for your home.

Infinity™ Series- With maximum efficiency, the Infinity Series heating system offers the highest level of options and heating comfort. With the most complete level of user controllability, this heating system even detects and notifies you when in need of air filter replacement. The Infinity Series heating system is the highest in excellence that Carrier has developed for your home.

Performance™ Series- All the features of the Comfort Series and more. Offering even higher efficiency, the performance series heating system provides a wide variety of upgraded heating products for a comfortable home.


Comfort™ Series- Best in the industry at a super consumer value. Offering a high level of efficiency, the Comfort Series heating system is the high quality, value heating solution for a comfortable home.

The experts at Carrier invented air conditioning over 100 years ago. They have since created a wide selection of room and central air conditioning systems to keep you cool. Carrier’s Air Conditioners are the best in the world, and are offered in two forms:

Central Air Conditioners- Using the latest technology to keep your home cool, Carrier offers a full line of central air conditioners for you to choose from.
Room Air Conditioners– For personal air conditioning, Carrier offers several individual room air conditioners for your comfort.

Products from Honeywell

Humidifiers, Thermostats,
Air Cleaners & More!
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Honeywell Programmable Thermostats
Programmable thermostats are an energy saving device AND a great convenience. Set it back during the day and have it the temperature you want when you come home. Honeywell thermostats are simple to operate and can be over-ridden at any time for your convenience. With up to four different temperature settings a day, seven days a week, you can program your thermostat for maximum comfort and savings.

Honeywell Humidifiers
During times of low humidity, your home may feel dryer than the desert. Low humidity can damage hardwood floors and furniture. It can make your skin feel like leather. Humidify to keep your home from getting dry and make it seem 10 degrees warmer —allowing you to lower the thermostat and save!

Honeywell Air Cleaners

The features include a filter designed to trap dirt, plus an electronic air cleaner with electronic cells that burn other particles in the air. This wonderful new technology is the best on the market!



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